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The American White Shepherd Association
Membership Form


New members - please fill out, sign and submit the form below.  A link to the AWSA Code of Ethics is attached for your convenience. Please be sure to "sign" the last page of the Code of Ethics showing your agreement to abide by this document.

Individual Member:  Must be 18 and older

Family Membership: Two adults residing full time at the same address, each being 18 and older

Payment may be made by mailing a check or through PayPal.

**     Pay By Check:  Send your check to:   

        Shelley Caldwell, AWSA Membership Chair, 48 Aber Rd, Finleyville, PA  15332

**     Pay Using PayPal:  Use the linked buttons on the Payment page or log on to PayPal (a successful submission will send you to PayPal hoe page) and send your payment to  Please write AWSA New Member - and your name- in the subject line.

Please remember - You MUST sign this form and the last page of the Code of Ethics to activate your membership.


Individual:  $21.00  a year  (NEW MEMBERS - If joining after June 30th and before Nov 1, dues are $10.50

Family:    $31.00  (If after June 30th and NEW MEMBERS before Nov 1st - dues are $15.50

By my signature on or submission of this document, I certify that I have read and understand the Constitution and Club Code of Ethics of the  American White Shepherd Association. I agree to act in accordance with this Code of Ethics at all times. I understand that  actions contrary to the Constitution and Code of Ethics may be grounds for expulsion from the Club.

**Your signature and submission of the AWSA MEMBERSHIP FORM certifies that you have read, understood and agree to act in accordance with this Code of Ethics. You do not need to return the Code of Ethics with your membership form.

For FAMILY Memberships - please fill out all information for Member 1 and Member 2



For "Individual" memberships - Please type "NONE" in all Member 2 boxes.

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