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The American White Shepherd Association was formed to do everything possible to protect, promote and advance the best interests and welfare of purebred White Shepherds and to continue to bring their natural qualities to perfection through quality and careful breeding practices. The Club also seeks to promote worldwide recognition and acceptance of the White Shepherd as a separate and distinct breed of working and herding dog. To this end, it embraces the following objectives:

1. To require members to sign and abide by the Club Code of Ethics as a condition of Club membership;

2. To urge members to embrace the official standard of the White Shepherd, as put forward by this Club, as the only standard by which the White Shepherd is to be bred and judged in the United States of America;

3. To do everything possible to protect the breed and to prevent or stop the sale of puppies through pet stores;

4. To work toward full and complete recognition and acceptance of the White Shepherd breed by The American Kennel Club and The Canadian Kennel Club, as well as all other kennel clubs and/or registries around the world;

5. To hold conformation point shows according to the rules and regulations of The American Kennel Club and to award the title of AWSA CH., and to encourage the participation by members in any and all other forms of competition held by the Club;

6. To encourage the participation of our breed in events sponsored by The American Kennel Club, The Canadian Kennel Club, The United Kennel Club, The American Rare Breed Association and all other forms of competition open to the White Shepherd;

7. To encourage sportsmanlike behavior from its members at all times;

8. To encourage and promote the widespread formation of independent local specialty clubs in all areas of the country;

9. To strive to educate its members through the Club Newsletter and to educate the general public about the White Shepherd breed wherever possible.

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