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The members of AWSA welcome you to our membership sign-up and information pages. We hope you enjoy your visit with our noble dogs and hope to meet you as a member of AWSA soon!

Membership Requirements:

  • Members need not own a White Shepherd, but all members are required to sign the Club Constitution/Bylaws and Code of Ethics. (found under "The Club" on the menu bar)

  • Every member is required to be and remain in good standing with the American Kennel Club, or the national kennel club of the country where you live. (You are in good standing if you have not been notified otherwise.)

  • All applicants are subject to approval, which usually takes a minimum of 30 days after an application is processed.

Classification of Memberships:

  • Family: Two adults (18 years of age or older) residing together at the same address.

  • Individual: Any person 18 years of age and over.

Membership Dues:

  • Family-Full Year- $31.00

  • Individual-Full Year- $21.00

First year members ONLY,  joining after June 30 and before Oct 31 please choose the 1/2 year field. This 1/2 year price is ONLY available for first time members. Applications received after Oct 31 will be valid for the following year and must be for the full amount.  All membership renewals are due each year in January.

Payment: Please include a check with your application or if you prefer, payment may be sent via PayPal. Please note, you must still return the signed membership form via US mail when using PayPal. Click on the link below to print out the form. Links are included below if you wish to pay using PayPal. Membership process can NOT start until the signed application is received.

(click here for the application form)        Mail In Application Form   



                           This Section is for EXISTING AND RENEWING MEMBERS



    PayPal-Individual Membership 1 year $21.00

    Choose this field if you are Renewing or joining BEFORE June 30  


       PayPal-Family Membership Membership  1 year $31.00
    Choose this field if you are renewing or joining BEFORE June 30.






                       NOT  for existing or renewing members!!  Brand New Members ONLY

                                      For those joining after June 30th, for present year ONLY



PayPal-Individual Membership  1/2 year $10.50  NEW Memberships ONLY
Choose this field if you are JOINING -AFTER June 30 and before November 1st




PayPal-Family Membership  1/2 year $15.50 - NEW Memberships ONLY

Choose this field if you are JOINING- AFTER June 30 and before November 1st.









Questions?  Contact our Membership Chair Shelley Caldwell  at: or

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