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The White Shepherd

Through the Years

Click on the picture below to take you to a compilation (by Terri Vest) of past white shepherds - in the movies, owned by movie stars, police dogs, AWSA owners, calendars, ads and so on.   We hope you'll enjoy this collection! 

Ann Trace bred 1st ws registered in AKC.

Ann Tracy bred the 1st White Shepherd registered in AKC in 1917

1950 seeing eye dog.jpeg

“Photograph was edited for publication purposes, Photograph caption dated September 30, 1950 reads, "Lions Club plays apart - Leonard Reiring, right, treasurer of North Hollywood Lions Club, presents check for $500 to Joseph W. Jones Sr., president of International Guiding Eyes, Inc. Club sponsored guide dog for blind Theodore Bushnell, at left. Also shown is Dr. W. W. Willson, club's chairman of sight conservation and blind committee."

1945 seeing eye dog.jpg

”Geraldine Lowhorn (right) with her Seeing Eye dog” (1945)

1954 Dog trials.jpeg
1954 dog trials 2.jpeg

Dog Trials (obedience trial at Hollywood Dog Obedience Club, Incorporated), 1954

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