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Code Of Ethics

The American White Shepherd Association (AWSA) is a Club devoted to the continued protection, betterment and advancement of the White Shepherd as a separate and distinct AKC (American Kennel Club) breed of working and herding dog.

The following Code of Ethics is predicated upon this fundamental philosophy:

1. I believe and accept that the breed and its welfare is of paramount importance and supersedes any other commitment to White Shepherds, whether that be personal, competitive, or financial;

2. I will at all times try to be constructive and instructive in my dealings with other members and with the general public;

3. I will strive to educate all interested owners or potential owners about the breed and its needs in order to foster responsible dog ownership;

4. I will behave in a manner that is conducive to the purposes of the Club;

5. To the extent that my abilities allow, I will honor all written contracts and/or guarantees. I understand that failure to do so risks expulsion from the Club;

6. I will maintain an environment of consistently high standards of care for all dogs owned by me;

7. I will provide high quality veterinary care for my dogs throughout their lifetimes, including euthanasia if/when it becomes necessary, recognizing that this is one of the responsibilities of dog ownership;

8. I will strive to conform to any and all laws pertaining to dogs in my community;

9. I will be honest in any and all advertising that I may place for the promotion of my dogs, my breeding program or my kennel.

 I will not:

1. Sell, give away or otherwise transfer dogs to any pet shop, either on consignment or outright, nor will I transfer dogs to any medical facility, animal wholesaler, auction, or raffle;

2. Knowingly sell to unethical breeders or other persons whose intent to resell is known or suspect;

3. Purchase any White Shepherd or any litter in its entirety for resale to any individual or commercial establishment;

4. Falsify pedigrees, medical clearances or breeding information.

Section 2. Considerations While Exhibiting

While exhibiting any animal owned by me at any AWSA sanctioned show,

1. I will act in accordance with the Constitution by always demonstrating good manners and sportsmanship both inside and outside of the show ring;

2. I will exercise consideration to all other exhibitors and their dogs, and especially to the judges, stewards, show committee and club members, remembering at all times that my White Shepherd and I are representing our breed and AWSA;

3. I will act in accordance with all AKC, CKC, FCI, ARBA, UKC, or SKC rules or by the rules of any other organization under
which I may show.

 I will not
1. Exhibit any dog in Conformation that has been changed artificially in appearance, gait or temperament. This includes, but is not limited to: attempting to change or disguise the natural color or markings of the coat, tattooing or applying other substances n order to darken or fill in missing pigment, scissoring, thinning, or otherwise attempting to shorten a long coat, surgery to correct bite problems, soft ears or a gay tail, administering any drugs or other substances in order to disguise or improve a faulty temperament, or any other method that seeks to deceive the judge or other breeders and exhibitors;

2. Knowingly enter a dog in the wrong class, or enter any dog other than the one whose registered name and number is shown on the official entry form.

Section 3. Breeding And Contracts

I understand that the purpose of breeding White Shepherds is to bring their natural qualities to perfection as stated in the Constitution. If I am the owner of a brood bitch or a stud dog, I understand that I must exercise exemplary judgment in breeding him or her. I further realize that disreputable or ignorant breeders may produce animals that are mentally, physically, genetically or temperamentally unsound. To this end,

1. I agree to breed only those White Shepherds that conform as closely as possible to the standard of the breed as put forward by AWSA;

2. I agree to breed only from stock that is temperamentally, physically and mentally sound and that has demonstrated no serious health problems or crippling genetic defects and that are free of disqualifying faults as listed in the breed standard;

3. I agree to obtain any necessary medical clearances as appropriate for the White Shepherd breed, including but not limited to x- raying to check for the presence of hip and elbow dysplasia or other degenerative joint diseases, in order that I may produce the best possible quality of dogs;

4. I agree that if I am a novice, I will consult the breeder of my dog or some other experienced breeder as to the quality of my dog before I consider producing a litter of puppies;

5. I agree that all contracts or agreements between breeders and owners regarding stud services, sale of dogs and puppies, co- ownerships or co-breedings, guarantees regarding live litters, sales or other services should be put in writing for the protection of all involved parties;

6. I agree to have hips and elbows radiographed and professionally evaluated on any dog or bitch I use or lease for breeding. I will disclose the results of said evaluation of each specific dog/bitch, to those people who contract to use said dog/bitch for breeding purposes, and also to anyone purchasing a puppy produced by said dog/bitch;

7. I agree to disclose any genetic health disorders that I have reason to believe could be carried by a specific dog/bitch
owned/leased by me, prior to being bred, to the owners/leasers of any dog/bitch that will be bred to said dog/bitch;

8. I will inform each person who purchases a puppy I have produced, of the ongoing research of health and genetics of the White Shepherd, and specifically of any genetic health disorders that I have reason to believe could be carried by the parents of the specific puppy being purchased.

Stud Dogs

If I am the owner of a stud dog,

1. I will keep accurate records of all breedings and pedigrees;

2. I will use my dog only on those bitches I feel are an asset to the breed and that display no disqualifying faults;

3. I will use my dog for services only if I know him to be of sound temperament and structure and not affected with any serious disease or serious inheritable defect;

4. I will use my dog only on bitches that I believe to be temperamentally and structurally sound, and not affected with any
serious disease or serious inheritable defect, are in good physical condition, and that are at least two (2) years of age and not over ten (10). In addition, I reserve the right to refuse service to all bitches that have not been tested for Brucellosis.

5. I will use my puppy only after he reaches the age of twelve (12) months;

6. I will personally supervise every breeding, keep other stud dogs away from the bitch, and use only the stud dog selected by the bitch owner;

7. I will insist that all details concerning the mating be agreed upon before the mating takes place and recognize that all such details are best written down in a signed contract for the protection of both parties. I will also supply a signed Stud Service Certificate to the owner of the bitch at the time of mating;

8. I will allow one free return service by the same dog to the same bitch if the bitch does not conceive or does not produce a viable litter, so long as I still own the dog;

9. I will sign the litter registration form when it is presented to me by the bitch owner but only after the litter is on the ground;

10. If I am asked, I will do my best to assist the owner of the bitch in placing puppies resulting from a mating with my dog.

Brood Bitches

If I am the owner of a brood bitch,

1. I will breed my bitch only if I know her to be of sound temperament and structure, and not affected with any serious disease or serious inheritable defect;

2. I will use my bitch only with stud dogs that I believe to be temperamentally and structurally sound, and not affected with any serious disease or serious inheritable defect and are in good physical condition;

3. I will not breed my bitch before she has reached the age of twenty-four (24) months and then only if she is physically and emotionally mature enough to handle a litter;

4. I will not breed my bitch after she has passed her tenth (10) birthday, nor allow her to have more than two (2) litters in
succession (i.e. back to back with no season in between), nor allow her to rear more than six (6) litters in her lifetime;

5. I will insist that all details concerning the mating be agreed upon before the mating takes place and recognize the importance of a written contract detailing all such agreements with the owner of the stud dog;

6. I will have any puppy that is born with a crippling defect or that is suffering from an irreversible illness humanely euthanizedby a veterinarian, realizing that this is part of being a responsible breeder;

7. I agree to provide proper medical care, diet, socialization, and exercise to the dam and her puppies and to be prepared to keep all of the puppies for as long as is necessary in order to place them in suitable homes;

8. As an AWSA breeder I agree to tattoo or microchip all the puppies produced before I sell them and MUST register the tattoo or microchip number with some organization myself, not relying on the new owner to do so. (Registering the number with the AWSA registry will suffice if the puppy is AWSA registered.)

9. I will keep accurate records of all breedings and the results including the registered name and number(s) of the sire and dam, the date of mating and whelping, the number of puppies born dead and alive, and the gender and registered name and number(s) of each surviving puppy, if known, and the name, address and phone number of the new owner of each puppy.

Section 4. The Transfer Of Puppies And Dogs
For each puppy or dog transferred by me, I will provide the following:

1. Full identification of the dog including the registered name and number(s) of the sire and dam, the litter registration number(s) or the individual registered name and number(s) of the dog if available, a written pedigree documenting at least three (3) generations, a complete written medical history including a health certificate signed by a veterinarian, information on any vaccinations and wormings still due and their approximate due dates, written feeding instructions, a copy of the official application form for the American White Shepherd Association and a copy of the Club Code of Ethics, and any other instructional materials deemed necessary;

2. A written assessment of the probable quality of the dog, whether for show, breeding or pet/companion. If the dog is sold for show or breeding, the seller will furnish a written guarantee against disqualifying faults as per the breed standard;

3. Referrals for veterinarians, groomers or trainers if the new owner desires them;

4. A basic written health guarantee (that may be provided by the Club) that all dogs will be free of any and all communicable diseases for a period of at least three (3) days after leaving the seller’s premises as well as the seller’s own guarantee against any hereditary diseases as deemed necessary by the seller.

As a general matter of course, I will abide by the following rules when transferring any dog:
1. I will not allow any puppy to permanently leave my premises before the age of six (6) weeks;
2. I will sell or place all pet/companion quality puppies and dogs on a non-breeding agreement or with a non-breeding form of registration;
3. I will provide a written guarantee that the dog will be free of any and all communicable diseases for at least three (3) days after leaving my premises;
4. I will encourage all new owners to take the dog to a veterinarian within forty-eight (48) hours for a complete examination and health check;
5. I will do my utmost to place each puppy or dog in a permanent, suitable home;
6. I will ask the new owners of any dog placed by me to advise me in the event they cannot keep the dog, so that I may either take the dog back or offer assistance in placing it;
7. If a dog is sold for breeding, I will urge the new owners to have the dog x-rayed for the presence of degenerative joint disease before breeding. I will also urge the new owners to breed only to dogs that have achieved medical clearances for such diseases.

Section 5. Registration Of Dogs

I understand that all records compiled by AWSA depend entirely upon the accuracy of the information I provide. Therefore, for every eligible dog I register with AWSA, I will do it in accordance with the rules and regulations applying to records and registrations of the American White Shepherd Association. Thus, I will keep records of the following information for every dog that I own:
1. The registered name and number(s) of the dog and the registered names and number(s) of its sire and dam;
2. Date of birth;
3. Sex;
4. Color (and markings, if applicable);
5. Breeder’s name, address and phone number;
6. The name, address and phone number of the person from whom the dog was directly obtained, if different from the breeder;
7. All pertinent breeding records of the dog;
8. Final disposition of the dog and the date of such disposition;
9. The name, address and phone number of the person to whom the dog was directly transferred;
10. Paperwork provided with the dog and the date on which it was provided.

Section 6. Enforcement Of This Code
I understand and accept that signing this Code of Ethics is a necessary requirement for membership in the American White Shepherd Association. I further acknowledge that a violation of the Club Code of Ethics may result in severe disciplinary actions, including possible expulsion, to be taken by the Disciplinary Board of the Club.

Section 7. Exceptions To This Code
Because legitimate exceptions to this Code or parts thereof may arise occasionally, in certain cases, upon sufficient evidence and under conditions where the welfare of the breed is assured, the Board of Directors may waive any of the foregoing provisions.


By my signature on this document, I certify that I have read and understand the Constitution and Club Code of Ethics of the  American White Shepherd Association. I agree to act in accordance with this Code of Ethics at all times. I understand that  actions contrary to the Constitution and Code of Ethics may be grounds for expulsion from the Club.

                                                                                   Signature                                                                                 Date


**Your signature on the AWSA MEMBERSHIP FORM certifies that you have read, understand and agree to act in accordance with this Code of Ethics. You do not need to return the Code of Ethics with your membership form.

Be sure to type in the date this form is signed.

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