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The American White Shepherd Association is pleased to announce that the United Kennel Club will accept AWSA proof of registration for single registration as a UKC White Shepherd.

Dogs registered as UKC GSD's who hold
conformation titles may not be re-registered as UKC White Shepherds.

Registration Forms
Are Available In The Members Only
Section Of Our Website

AWSA Registry
Conditions & Instructions

Conditions of Registrations:
Full members in good standing have the right and privilege to use and have access to the club registry. Said dogs/bitches are to have registrations with the American Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club or any official registry that would be acceptable to the American Kennel Club, including but not limited to the Kennel Clubs of Australia, UK and Mexico. This use/access consists of registering any personally owned White (German) Shepherd Dog(s) and any puppies resulting from the mating of said owned White Shepherd Dog(s).

Though the Club registry is a closed registry, i.e. for Club member use only, puppy buyers who do not wish to join AWSA will be allowed as an owner of an AWSA puppy. An AWSA puppy is one that has resulted from the mating of at least one AWSA registered White Shepherd Dog and is from the ownership of an AWSA (full) member involved in breeding.

Certificate Changes:
Every owner of a registered dog in the Club registry is allowed one (1) free change to the certificate without incurring any cost, as well as any certificate with any errors due to an AWSA generated mistake. After this allowed change, any changes desired to the registration certificate will incur a $5.00 administrative charge each time a change is requested. This fee may be changed as club expenses demand without a required bylaws change. All certificates requiring a change must be returned with any funds due in order to have any changes made.
No registration may be changed without this return

Litter Registration Costs:
AWSA breeders wishing to personally register whole litters, or puppies from their litters, may do so at a cost of $25.00 per litter.  (All other individual registrations will be $10.00 per animal.)  This cost covers the litter registration, individual registration (for an AWSA number) for each pup in the litter, as well as one free transfer for each new puppy buyer.
This cost may change at a future time without requiring a bylaws change.

Future Registrations for Non-Members:
Any puppy or adult dog with an AWSA registration number owned by a non-member will not be allowed to have future litters registered with AWSA unless said owner becomes a member of AWSA, having read and signed the Code of Ethics and Club Constitution, and remains in good standing.

Documents Required with Registrations:
All health issues, awards and titles, and outside club registrations will be tracked by the AWSA registry and copies of the above must be included with the registration application or sent in at a later time, upon completion and receipt of certificates. A three (3) generation pedigree and a copy of the official registration certificate with AKC/CKC or other acceptable registries (see Article III, Section 1) must also accompany the registration application for any dog being registered with AWSA whose lines do not already exist in the Club registry records.

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