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The decision to form the American White Shepherd Association and seek recognition for a new breed called the White Shepherd was made by AWSA’s club founder Karen Carloni in 1994. After doing months of research and surveying  the members of the WGSDCI (as a then member of their Breed Recognition Committee) she came to the conclusion that the only progressive and reasonable course of action was to attempt to have the whites separated from the German Shepherd Dog breed.  The club conceived would be founded upon the tenets of a strict, mandatory club Code of Ethics, still in use today, one that would put the best interests of the white coated German Shepherd Dog ahead of any other concern.  That was the beginning of the club we know today as the American White Shepherd Association (AWSA).

In its initial stages, the Club was by invitation only. With a hand-picked founding membership consisting of twelve individual and two family memberships, the Club was officially launched in September of 1995 with the founding member approval of the Club Constitution, Bylaws and Code of Ethics. Today, the American White Shepherd Association is a strong and viable club filled with bright, energetic members who all have the same vision for the breed. Recognition of the White Shepherd as an independent breed with all the rights and privileges normally afforded  pure breeds of dogs is the Club’s united purpose. As it was in its initial developmental stages, the Club remains a Code of Ethics organization.

AWSA operates on a regional system and consists of nine (9) geographical regions that include all fifty states and the country of Canada.  

We have maintained our own registry since 1995 and require that all applications include a 3 generation pedigree and a copy of the official registration certificate from the AKC or an AKC approved registry.

AWSA fully supports White Shepherd owners and their dogs in the Conformation ring.  In addition to our own shows our members can be found competing in the United Kennel Club (as White Shepherds) and  White Shepherd Club of Canada show rings.  In addition, AWSA acknowledges the accomplishments of dogs/owners who participate in UKC and AKC events throughout the year, as well as those who compete in other venues outside the UKC and AKC.

The AWSA Times is the official publication of the American White Shepherd Association and has been in existence since 1996. Our website, Facebook page and AWSA Business list offer  our members the opportunity to be as little or as much involved with the club as they choose, while still being kept informed.

The highlight of our year is the annual AWSA National. Members are invited to compete in one weekend of conformation and other  events.  The AWSA National can include Obedience and Rally matches, CGC testing, AHBA Herding trials and American Temperament Testing Society tests.  A raffle, silent auction, awards presentation for accomplishments through-out the year and a banquet round out the weekend. In 2015 we celebrated our 20th Annual AWSA National.

While the quest for recognition is an ongoing work in progress, AWSA remains totally devoted to the protection of the health, welfare, genetic worth and advancement of the natural abilities and attributes of the White Shepherd.

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