Welcome To The
American White Shepherd Association
Est. 1995

A Club United For A Breed Apart
Established in 1995 the American White Shepherd
Association is the largest White Shepherd dog club in the
U.S. and remains devoted to the protection of the health,
welfare, genetic worth and advancement of the natural
abilities and attributes of the "total" White Shepherd. We're
known worldwide as AWSA. The Club also seeks to promote
worldwide recognition and acceptance of the White Shepherd
as a separate and distinct breed of working and herding dog.
The White Shepherd has
been a recognized breed
in the United Kennel Club
since 1999.
The White Shepherd has
evolved over the years from a
continuous selection for a
working companion dog with
its exclusive color, beauty and
elegance as seen both standing
and in motion.
White Shepherds may not
compete in the AKC show
ring but when registered
as German Shepherd
Dogs are eligible to take
part in other AKC events
such as obedience, agility
and herding.

AWSA 20th Annual National
October 2-4, 2015
Greenfield, MA