AWSA Business List - Rules of Conduct.


1. NO grievances taken to the list - take them to the person you have it with or to the Board.

2. NO derogatory, accusatory, inflammatory or combative statements posted on the list


    If you have a problem with an individual club member (including Board members)  it should be dealt with privately. If the matter can't be resolved please take it to the AWSA Board, not the business list.


    If you are unhappy with a decision that has been made by the board or through a club vote, or disagree with ideas being discussed on the list you may state your reasons for disagreeing and you may discuss the issue. Differing opinions often bring about a better understanding of an issue and debating is allowed, as long as it is done respectfully.


    Discussions concerning individual hearings/complaints that have been filed with the Board may NOT be discussed on the list nor will questions from those not directly involved in a hearing or complaint be answered by the Board privately.


    Any objections to nominees or new members MUST be sent to the Board. Do NOT post your objections to the list.


The AWSA Business List affords our members the opportunity to voice their opinions, ask questions and offer suggestions in regards to the White Shepherd breed and our club. Failure to comply with these rules of conduct will result in the following disciplinary action:


    First offense will have you removed for 48 hours.

    Second offense will have you removed for 30 days.

    Third offense will remove you from the list for one year.  Then

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